Costa Rican

Costa Rican


Psilocybin generally causes mood alteration (usually euphoria) and changes in thought-pattern (sometimes including important personal or spiritual insights) and, at higher doses, hallucinations. The effects begin about half an hour after ingestion and typically last six to eight hours, though longer highs are possible. Generally, the different strains of Psilocybe cubensis vary only in their potency, not in their effects, though some users insist that the quality of the high or the appearance of the hallucinations vary as well. There are few specific claims about the effects of the Costa Rican strain.

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Most users describe the Costa Rican strain as low-potency, meaning it’s a good option for beginners or for micro-dosers. However, there are users who report more powerful effects, probably because sensitivity to psilocybin can vary a lot from person to person (that’s one reason why dose calculators should never be taken as more than a suggestion).

Note that it IS possible to get an intense experience from any psilocybin mushroom, it’s just necessary to  take more to get there.


A rough dosage recommendation can be calculated using the species of mushroom, whether the mushroom is fresh or dried (living mushrooms are mostly water, so when dried they weigh dramatically less), the size of the user, and what sort of experience the user wants. Many people recognize three to five dosage categories, from microdose (which is only mildly mind-altering and not hallucinogenic), to beginner (mildly hallucinogenic), all the way up to “heroic” doses—those cause temporary disintegration of the self, a terrifying experience for those not ready for it. All categories are available from any psilocybin mushroom, it’s just that with a low-potency variety such as the Costa Rican strain, the doses have to be a little larger.

It’s always best to be on the side of taking too little rather than too much, since unpleasant and even dangerous side-effects become more likely at higher doses, especially for people not used to them.

Popular methods of consumption for the Costa Rican strain include Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea

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