Biocanna Bio Rhizotonic 1 Litre

Biocanna Bio Rhizotonic 1 Litre


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A powerful root system ensures that the plant can absorb more nutrients and grows faster. BioRHIZOTONIC has a noticeably vitalizing effect on plants. Thanks to BioRHIZOTONIC the plants extend their roots throughout the subsoil more quickly. This is why BioRHIZOTONIC is, among other things, an ideal remedy for stressed plants such as cuttings during potting on. BioRHIZOTONIC also restores and strengthens plants that are unhealthy or look poorly. Health & Safety: Overfertilization has a negative effect on the substrate, the plant and nature in general. BIOCANNA BIORHIZOTONIC is 100% vegetable based and suitable for all growing media like soil, coco and hydroponics. Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place. Please keep out of reach of children. CANNA is the producer of nutrients and growing mediums for the cultivation of fast growing plants. Ever since the founding in the early 90s, all products are scientifically tested first, before put on the market. But even before the company was established, the founders were already scientifically pioneering with plants.


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